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Authorized Dometic Remanufacturer News Flash - Changing the cooling unit isn't as difficult as it might appear. There are no special tools required, no welding or solder connections to make, the cooling units simply bolt to the back of the refrigerator. Authorized Norcold Remanufacturer


Replace your Cooling Unit, not your Refrigerator!  Save lots of $$$ and receive a much better warranty!

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Fridge House

Replacement Evaporators and Tubing

Fridge House produces the evaporator heads that go into Fridge House's cooling units. We have developed the evaporators for almost every model Norcold and Dometic cooling unit produced since the early 1980's. It really makes rebuilding a cooling unit a snap.  It does take a little time to get set up and build all the welding fixtures necessary for each model, but Fridge House can even help with that.

We have welding fixtures for every model evaporator and we also have metal frames we put the evaporator head and cooling unit into to make assembly easier and to assure a good fit when the cooling unit is installed in the refrigerator box.  If you are a cooling unit re-builder interested in using the replacement evaporators in your business give us a call, we will even invite you to spend some time at our shop to see how we set things up.  If you live in a nice warm place close to the beach, in the winter months I may even come to your shop!

We sell the evaporator tubing in several different way, from just the plain bent pipe on the left to the complete welded and assembled evaporators on the right. But we also sell kits with the large pipe and the small lines bent and the brackets pre-cut, you assemble them yourself but all the pieces you need are there. We also have builders that prefer we bend the large pipe and weld on just the freezer bars then they do their own small lines and brackets. We can do it just about any way that is convenient for you, just give us a call.

  Bent Pipe Only  
>> RM2400
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>>  RM2500
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>>  RM2600
2600BentPipe(2).JPG (15904 bytes)
>>   Norcold
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  >>  Boiler Tubing
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Welded Evaporators
>>  RM2500
WeldedRM2500.JPG (23803 bytes)
>>  RM2600
Welded2600(2).JPG (17569 bytes)
>>  RM2800
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  >>  Norcold
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