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Authorized Dometic Remanufacturer News Flash - Changing the cooling unit isn't as difficult as it might appear. There are no special tools required, no welding or solder connections to make, the cooling units simply bolt to the back of the refrigerator. Authorized Norcold Remanufacturer


Fridge House

nordic cooling unitFridge House - Testimonials

We certainly appreciate your business, here at Fridge House, and we enjoy hearing your comments.

Here are some of the many comments we have received from satisfied customers.

"I purchased a cooling unit from you all last summer (2005) and it works famously! It was easy to install, and fit perfectly. Thanks for the business you guys do, it saved us a lot of money.

Amber Schneider

And this one from Louisiana:

"Whatís been going on, this is Mike Hawkins in Louisiana.  (I bought a rebuilt unit from you about 3 years ago for a hunting camp). I just wanted to let you know that it is still working great and havenít had any problems with it. I bought a 1981 prowler camper and it has a bad Dometic RM 660 unit in it. The refrigerator looks to be in good shape but the cooling unit is not working, the gas and the electric heaters work but the unit doesnít make any noise or cool at all. I already took the cooling unit off and the boiler tube looks to be rusted pretty bad. Could you get me a price on a rebuilt cooling unit?
Thanks again, Mike Hawkins

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